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Placement Agencies

Finding the right long term care setting can be overwhelming as the choices are extensive and the care options varying. Placement Agencies provide assistance with helping you find the right level of care and actual location as well as assist in the negotiation of price and contract. This is usually a free service and they are paid a “finder’s fee” by the location you select. Resources can be found at the Professional Association of Senior Referral Specialists. For more information on Long Term Care please see Long Term Care.


An Ombudsman is a trained professional who can be brought in to resolve conflict, advocate for, or act as a liaison for those living in long term care. The ombudsman program offers those living in long term care the opportunity to voice their concerns and have those concerns resolved. More information can be found at

Adult Day Care
An Adult Day Care is a planned set of activities designed for seniors that are usually available during business hours Monday-Friday. This can be provided through a public or private organization. It is designed to provide socialization for seniors as well as respite for caregivers. In most Adult Day Care centers assistance with medication administration and assistance with ADL’s are available, as well as meals, activities, and supervision. Some activities can include games, music, arts and crafts, outings, book discussions, and light exercising. For more information on Adult Day Care and to locate a program in your area please refer to The Arizona Association of Adult Services.

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