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Home Health is a service provided through an agency that brings physical, occupational and speech therapy, skilled nursing, and social services to the patient with the goal of transitioning the patient back to their home environment after a hospitalization or debilitating episode. This service is provided in the home of the patient which can include a private home, assisted living, or an assisted living home. To be eligible for Home Health the patient must be considered home bound. For more information on selecting a home health agency, please click here.

Average Length of Stay

The length of time services will be provided depends on the individual needs of the patient and the prior authorization of the insurance. Patients are typically approved for a set amount of visits per authorization and more visits will be requested by the home health agency if needed.

Who pays for it

Home Health services are typically covered by Medicare, AHCCCS, Medicare Advantage plans, and private insurance. Patients will typically not have a co-pay for services but it’s important to understand your insurance benefits prior to starting with a Home Health Agency.

What I should know

Home health is a temporary service and is not designed to take the place of hired caregivers if ongoing assistance with ADL is needed.

Assistance from a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may be offered through Home Health to assist with personal care a few times per week but is not a guaranteed benefit. Support from a social worker may also be available. CNA and social work visits can only be provided in correlation with at least one skilled service through Home Health.

Home health requires physician orders and oversight, and most physicians will require the patient to have been seen in their office within the last six months or less in order for services through Home Health to begin.

The first few days of care can be very overwhelming. There may be several different people calling to schedule in home visits.

Where do I go from here?

From a home health program a person may discharge to out-patient rehabilitation or with no additional services. It is possible for a person to be referred to hospice at this point.

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