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Assisted Living Homes (ALH) are privately owned homes that are licensed by the state where adults who need assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) live together and share caregivers as well as common spaces. Residents can have a private or semi-private room and the number of other residents in the home depends on the license but can range from 2-10. Caregiving may be provided by the owners of the home or hired by the owners. Caregivers will always be present but may either be awake at night or asleep when the residents sleep depending on the license and dynamics of the home. Meals are prepared by the caregivers and usually shared in a common dining room. The level of functioning of the residents varies from home to home and can range from minimal assistance to total care.

Who is eligible?

ALHs are a good option for those who need assistance with their activities of daily living but don’t have complex medical needs. Some ALH are more equipped to handle residents who require high levels of care than others and it is important to review care needs when selecting a home.

Where it fits in my Health Care Team

Residents living in an ALH may still receive services from their health care team including Home Health and Hospice. Some ALHs will encourage participation in a mobile physician agency but can provide transportation to physician visits if necessary. Some ALHs can accommodate short respite stays.

How is it paid for?

ALHs range in price from $2,200-$5,000 per month depending on location, care needs, staffing, and room size. Included in the price is room, board, and caregiving. ALHs can be paid for privately, through some Long Term Care Insurance policies, and through ALTCS.

What I should know

Not all group homes are the same and visiting several when making a decision is important. Ensure that the group home is aware of the care needs and are able to accommodate those needs at the contract price. Prices do not typically include supplies like briefs, bed pads, and toiletries.

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