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Mission Statement

The Aging Advocate exists to ensure that all people in Arizona can have access to information about the Senior Heath Care system in order to make informed decisions.

Site Description

Navigating the complicated Senior Healthcare System is challenging, especially to those without someone to guide them. This site will provide that guidance through education and resources, helping those who seek it make informed decision about theirs or a loved one’s health care.

Arizona is very unique when it comes to senior health care and most of this information is based on Arizona programs and resources and may not apply to other states.

This site is not designed to take the place of professional assistance or legal counsel (see Site Disclaimer). Please seek assistance from a health care professional in your area.

Rebecca HamptonRebecca Hampton, MSW is the lead consultant for the Aging Advocate. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Arizona State University and has over ten years experience in the fields of Hospice, Home Health, Long Term Care, and Case Management. She has the heart of a teacher with a passion for guiding and directing those she works with toward a better understanding of the resources and options available to them.

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