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The Obstacles of Moving

Overcoming the Obstacles

You have finally made the decision that it’s time to move. Yours or your loved one’s care needs are more than can be handled at home. Or maybe the idea of not having to do yard work or cook anymore is very appealing. You have found just the right place and you are ready. But how much of your furniture will fit in the new apartment? Who will help you move? What about all the rest of your belongings? These obstacles are often one of the main reasons people delay downsizing or moving into the appropriate care setting. The answers are not always simple but there are solutions to every obstacle.

Senior Movers

There are companies who specialize in moving seniors from their homes and into various settings including downsizing to a smaller home, independent living, assisted living, and skilled care. They are able to take on the role of Project Manager for the move and assist with hiring a realtor, setting up the moving truck, packing, floor planning for the new place, unpacking, hanging pictures and decorating, and even provide emotions support. The National Association of Senior Move Managers is a great place to learn more about the role of Senior Movers and locate a mover in your area.

Smooth Transitions of the Valley

Smooth Transitions of the Valley is one such Senior Moving company and owners Robin and Brian are committed to making the time of transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and ability to customize their services to meet the individual needs of their clients. They start with a free consultation where they identify your goals and gather the details to create your plan. A project manager from their experienced team will be assigned to ensure no detail is missed and to be a part of the process from start to finish. A contract will be made and a deposit will hold the desired moving dates. They can begin with floorplanning to help visualize how your furniture will fit in your new place and determine what stays and what goes. They will supervise the packing and moving of your belongings, the unpacking and decorating, and strive to get your new place set up as close to your old as possible. For example, if you always keep your medications next to the coffee pot in the kitchen, that is where you will find them after you move. They can also make a referral to a realtor that specializes in seniors to get your house sold. If you are moving out of state they are able to assist with shipping vehicles, purchasing plane tickets, and a referral to a senior mover in your new location. Smooth Transitions sister company Fab Finds can hold an estate sale to coordinate selling your belongings you will not be taking with you. Robin and Brian also understand the emotional component that comes along with moving and believe in treating all clients with respect and compassion. No obstacle is too big for the team at Senior Movers of the Valley.

For more information on Smooth Transitions of the Valley visit their website at, contact them directly at (602)794-5455 or email at

Interview with RobinAdrihan, Founder/CoOwner, and Brian Powledge, CoOwner by Rebecca Hampton, Lead Consultant for The Aging Advocate, LLC.


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