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It doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Navigating the complicated Senior healthcare system is challenging, especially to those without someone to guide them. This site will provide that guidance through education and resources, helping those who seek it make informed decision about theirs or a loved one’s health care.

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Community Partner Spotlight

Maui Care Home

What is an Assisted Living Home?

Assisted Living Homes (ALH) are privately owned homes that are licensed by the state where adults who need assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) live together and share caregivers as well as common spaces. Residents can have a private or semi-private room and the number of other residents in the home depends on the license but can range from 2-10. Caregiving may be provided by the owners of the home or hired by the owners. Caregivers will always be present but may either be awake at night or asleep when the residents sleep, depending on the license and dynamics of the home. Meals are prepared by the caregivers and usually shared in a common dining room. The level of functioning of the residents varies from home to home and can range from minimal assistance to total care.
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Latest Article

What to Know About Outpatient Physical Therapy

Brought to you by Spooner Physical Therapy   Why was I referred to outpatient therapy? A patient is referred by their health care professional to outpatient therapy when they are in need of rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. Treatment will be specifically designed to the patient's needs with the goal of getting the patient back to their desired level of functioning.  Patients most commonly referred to outpatient therapy are those with chronic pain, degenerative diseases, and spine and musculoskeletal injuries. Outpatient therapy is used when a person is able to physically get to the clinic Home Health therapy is used for those that are home bound. How long will I need to go? The number of visits and amount of visits per week will depend…

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